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Jan 19

Using Aluminum Anodes is the Most Effective Ways to Combat Corrosion

by gparmer Article by Ryannz1 Aluminum as a metal has several uses in the electrical sector. In the marine sector too, aluminum is widely used in the form of aluminum anodes. These sacrificial anodes help in protecting ships, boats, underwater pipelines and wharfs from the effects of corrosion. How do they function? You might wonder. …

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Jan 13

Magnesium Anodes And Their Field Of Application

by gparmer Magnesium anodes provide the much-needed protection to all kinds of vessels in a marine as well as land environment. Made of an alloy composite of magnesium and other metals, they usually come in two alloy compositions. One is a combination of 90% magnesium, 6% aluminum and 3% zinc and the other consists of …

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Jan 09

About Aluminum Anodes And Some Of Their Popular Varieties

by ScaryComputer Aluminum anodes are used to protect different kinds of appliances from corrosion and erosion. Due to this excellent property of these anodes they are used in various industry sectors today and accordingly they come in different varieties. Here are a few popular variations and their detailed descriptions. M-816029-A and M-806189-A: Known as Mercury …

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