Jan 19

Using Aluminum Anodes is the Most Effective Ways to Combat Corrosion

Article by Ryannz1

Aluminum as a metal has several uses in the electrical sector. In the marine sector too, aluminum is widely used in the form of aluminum anodes. These sacrificial anodes help in protecting ships, boats, underwater pipelines and wharfs from the effects of corrosion. How do they function? You might wonder. These anodes get corroded before the object that they are affixed to is exposed to the ill effects of corrosion. Once these anodes corrode, they need to be replaced with fresh ones to keep this anti-corrosion process going on. Hence they are often referred to as sacrificial anodes. They are available in various shapes, sizes and varieties which can be welded or bolted onto the particular object.The basics of using anodes:*Anodes protect expensive metals from corrosion. Hence, once they reach about 40% to 50% of their original size, they should be promptly replaced in order to perfectly protect the expensive metals. The mechanism on which these anodes work is simple. When two different metals come in contact underwater, a transfer of electricity takes place between these two metals. This transfer of electricity causes the more active of the two metals to corrode first. So if there is a propeller made of stainless steel, it can be fixed with aluminum anodes to prevent it from corrosion.*Things to keep in mind while using boat zincs:Anodes (referred to as boat zinc) are unarguably one of the most useful things a marine can use. However it is important to exercise some caution regarding the use of anodes. One has to keep a constant watch on the corrosion of the anode. Once it reaches about 40% to 50% of its original size, it should be replaced with a fresh anode. Also, care should be taken while bolting or welding the anode onto the object to be protected from corrosion. Apart from aluminum, zinc is also very much in demand. In addition to using anodes smartly, it is also important to install galvanic isolators so that the effects of your anodes are not shared with other under protected boats in the dock. If the effects of the anode are shared with other boats or marine structures, it could considerably decrease the life of the anodes. Hence, these isolators boost the efficacy of your marine anodes.Depending on where your boat is anchored or docked, it is important to keep in mind the following points.*For fresh water: Here, you should only opt for the use of magnesium anodes. Other anodes will not be as effective. *For brackish water: In cases where salt water and fresh water is mixed, it is advisable to use zinc anodes. *For salt water: It is advisable to use aluminum anodes for best results. However, it is advisable to use an isolator with these anodes to prevent rapid consumption.

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