Jun 24

Snag Proof Frog Lures

Snag Proof has been making top quality bass fishing lures since 1961. Snag Proof has quite the extensive line up of frogs in their arsenal, ranging from the Bass Kicker all the way up to their signature series including “Bobbys Perfect” and the “Ish Phat Frog”. Let’s take a look at them.

Ish’s Phat Frog

The Snag Proof Ish’s Phat Frog is unsinkable! Snag Proof and elite bass pro Ish Monroe realized that most frog baits tend to eventually fill with water due to the fact that the collapsible cavity of the frog also has holes through which the hooks must be threaded. Ish’s Phat Frog solves this problem by creating two separate chambers – one to house the hook and the other a sealed air chamber to provide the collapsibility necessary for engaging the hooks. Ish and the folks at Snag Proof also positioned the legs of the frog closer together at the rear of the bait completely out of the way of the hooks. This limits the tendency of the rubber strands to foul around the hooks after violent strikes. Available in an array of effective colors hand chosen by Ish Monroe himself. One customer on Snag Proof’s website said,

“I have been using Snagproof frogs for many years. Got my first chance to use the Ish’s Phat Frog weekend and it is outstanding! Great “castability”, great action and it did not fill up with water. The hooks were great and hook sets rock solid. Great product!”

The Bass Kicker


The Snag Proof Bass Kicker combines the best qualities of a buzzbait with the fish catching finesse of a frog! Weighted to stay upright, and balanced, it casts easily. Glass rattles and the buzzbait effect provide unrivaled sound and action. The durable hollow body lasts longer than solid body frogs and gives you a better hook-set ratio! The Bass Kicker floats at rest and can be fished anywhere from heavy cover to open water. Watch what this guy had to say about the Bass Kicker! 

The Perfect Frog

The Snag Proof Bobby’s Perfect Frog is the master of bass frog lures. Proven to immensely improve your hookup rate, extra wide gap hooks allow the body of the Perfect Frog to depress further below the points, giving you a better chance to stick the fish. The Perfect Frog also features Snag Proof’s ITT technology, which consists of a tube that runs through the center of the frog that the hook slides into. No air can get into the cavity, so the Perfect Frog never sinks. The Perfect Frog also comes complete with internal rattles. You’ll also notice the great array of colors! As with most all fishing equipment, Snag Proof’s products may be browsed and purchased at the Boatmasters Store here.