Sep 22

Mercruiser Full Synthetic Motor Oil

MerCruiser’s Full Synthetic Motor oil is a must have for any boater. This full synthetic 20W-40 engine oil was formulated to provide optimum operation and longer life for all MerCruiser gas engines and for the critical engine cataylst system offered today. Benefits of use in MerCruiser includes: Extended catalytic converter life due to low phosphorus formulation, Three distinct synthetic base stocks provide superior wear protection, Provides extreme salt and freshwater rust protection, and a more stable, high viscosity oil that prevents dirt and soot from settling on metal surfaces. Comes in quartz and gallons.

Full Synthetic 20w40 gal

Full Synthetic 20w40 qt

Now,most of you are already boat masters yourselves, but if you need help changing oil, check out the video below for some tips.