Dec 29

Learn To Find Used Outboard Motors – 8 Tips

Article by Brian Johaneson

Investing in a new outboard motor can sometimes lead to emptying of pockets and therefore used outboard motors are a better option if money is a problem (which it almost always is!)

Here we researched a list of steps which will prove helpful when you go out to purchase used outboard motors for yourself or maybe for your children.

Step 1:

Check the local newspaper where you could find regular boaters selling their boats. These people have the habit of replacing their boats in a regular fashion and buying new ones for themselves. You can even buy a used outboard motor from online portals, in print magazines or you may find one in your locality itself. Talk to a couple of people around you and they are bound to know someone who is selling used outboard motors. Or Google is always ready to help.

Step 2:

If you want smooth rides it’s better to chose four stroke used outboard motors. Four stroke motors almost always meet the EPA requirements but it might be expensive at times, so be prepared for such deals.

Step 3:

If the word smooth is not important then you will feel better with the less expensive two stroke motor. These used outboard motors deliver quick acceleration and are well suited to those who love rough rides over the water.

Step 4:

In U.S.A, the Coast Guard has listed various rules and regulations for the number of passengers on a commercial boat as well as the size of the outboard motor. Do not overlook these measures. These are for your safety. Check for these guidelines when buying used outboard motors and if it doesn’t meet these guidelines then it is better to chose some other seller.

Step 5:

Make a list of the accessories and features that you want in your used outboard motors. You might prefer pull rope start over electric start and similar other features. Think carefully before choosing the final used outboard motor.

Step 6:

What size of shaft are you looking for? Do check that in used outboard motors prior to buying it. Short, long and extra long shafts have sizes of 15 inches, 20 inches, 25 inches respectively.

Step 7:

Talk to various local outboard motor boat owners about the brands available and their advantages. If you are already happy with some brand then go with it else give a try to some other brand this time. Read online reviews of various brands and check for consumers reports for respective brands. You will slowly develop a nice picture of each brand and that will help you to invest in the best brand. You can chose from Honda, Sears Gamefisher, Yamaha, Johnson, Evinrude or other famous used outboard motors.

Step 8:

Do check with the seller on how to install the motor and check if every part is available. Do your best to install it yourself while he is around. It will help you get used to the motor parts and the way it needs to be installed.

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