Nov 10

Bobby D’s Custom Baits – Grinders, A-rigs and Jigs

Bobby D’s Grinder

Bobby D’s Baits are hand made with the highest quality components one at a time in the USA. Featuring a needle point sharp 5/0 Mustad heavy duty hook, virtually indestructible powder coated heads and hand tied round rubber/Silicone Skirts in proven fish catching colors. These baits are just flat proven to produce great fish, and are a favorite secret of many pros. Also one of the most used baits on the California Delta!

Bobby D’s A-Rig

The A-Rig by Bobby D’s Baits. The guys at Bobby D’s really did their homework on this one, in order to put out a superior product. They went out and, not only looked at other rigs in the industry, but thoroughly researched and tested them in order to find the weaknesses and improve upon them. First they set the wires during the pour process, which alleviates the problem of the wires coming loose in the main tie, causing the baits to “clump up” when fished. They also used a heavy-duty fold over crimp and ball bearing swivel ensuring strength for when snagged or hooked up on that lunker.

Bobby D’s Jig

Custom hand painting and 3D eyes on the head meet the quality standards that have come to be expected from the Bobby D’s bait lineup. The guys have found that using a willow blade on the top wire,ensures that the bait rights itself in the water, ensuring you the proper presentation, and you can add your favorite skirt to the head. The A-Rig is available in 3/8 ounce, 6” or 8” wire and 4 or 5 wire; 1/4 ounce, 8″, 4 or 5 wire. As always, custom color schemes can be special ordered. All of Bobby D’s items can be found at the Boatmasters Store.

“Bobby D’s Custom Baits are made of the highest grade materials and are made in the USA, with a wide selection of Grinders, A-Rigs, and Jigs. Bobby D’s tackle is top of the line and is a must have for any fisherman. All Bobby D bait is professional grade and yields exceptional results.” –Boatmasters.com