Jul 16

BABE’S Boat Care Products

BABE’S Boat Care products makes some of the best boat cleaning supplies on the market, with products that range from upholstery cleaner to odor remover. BABE’S Boat Care Products has developed a line of quality, commercial grade maintenance products that are both environmentally safe and exceptionally good. BABE’S is family owned and operated, calling Hayward, CA its home. Founded in 2003, BABE’S has over 45 years of combined experience in the field of industrial chemical manufacturing and boasts a 40,000 sq. ft state of the art manufacturing processes. Boatmasters.com highly recommends BABE’S Boat Care Products to all of its customers and carries the full line of products in shop and on the website.

BABE’S Boat Bright
Spray Wax Cleaner
BABE’S Boat Bright is a non-abrasive formula designed to clean and protect your boat’s surface. Boat Bright enhances the finish of your boat by applying a light wax surface plus a UV protectant. No pre-washing necessary. Simply spray a light mist on the surface and wipe off with a clean towel. BABE’S Boat Bright can be used on gelcoat, metal, glass or vinyl surfaces.

BABE’S Boat Bright is formulated to create a water repellant barrier on surfaces causing the water to roll right off. This barrier reduces water spotting by keeping minerals from sitting on surface. The repellant also adds a mar-resistant coating that minimizes scratches. And, the UV protectant helps to protect your boat from oxidation and fading.

Boatmasters uses Boat Bright for detailing customer boats to help keep them looking like new. The UV Protectant is one of the most important features of this product. Fiberglass is prone to fading and cracking with long periods of sun exposure. Use after every couple of boat outings to help keep your boat looking new for years to come. Can also help with resale value.

BABE’S Seat Soap
Upholstery Cleaner
BABE’S Seat Soap cleans vinyl, plastic and leather surfaces and is specifically formulated to lift dirt, scum and suntan oil without harming or drying out the surface. Especially suited for the extreme conditions of marine environments, BABE’S Seat Soap has a conditioning base solution that enhances the natural qualities of your interior surfaces while it cleans.

No pre-washing is necessary; spray BABE’S Seat Soap directly on upholstery and wipe with a clean towel. For exceptional results, use circular hand motions to allow upholstery to absorb Seat Soap and remove dirt. For deep crevices or stains rub with a soft brush before wiping off.

BABE’S Seat Soap has been tested and approved for use by the leading boat manufacturers including Malibu and Mastercraft. Boatmasters.com has also tested and approved BABE’S Seat Soap for all customer detailing. Keep this handy in your boat and use whenever there’s a dirty accident or ice cream spill.

BABE’S Seat Saver
Upholstery Conditioner
BABE’S Seat Saver is designed with UV protectants to condition and protect marine vinyl upholstery. Regular use of BABE’S Seat Saver aids in preserving the natural qualities of upholstery and helps to extend the life of marine vinyl. Seat Saver is silicone-free leaving the surface feeling smooth, natural and moisturized.

BABE’S Seat Saver is easy to use, simply spray on surface and wipe off with a clean cloth. For best results, make sure Seat Saver is rubbed into vinyl in circular hand motions. Seat Saver can be used alone as a general UV protectant and performs best after using BABE’S Seat Soap to remove all the dirt and grime.

Upholstery is usually one of the first boat components to get destroyed. Skis, sun, kids, beverages and mold are all upholstery’s worst enemy. Performing upholstery care after every outing or every couple outings is necessary to keep your upholstery looking clean and plush. No body likes to sit on dirty upholstery so keep yours looking fresh with BABE’S Seat Saver.

BABE’S Spot Solver
Water Spot Remover
BABE’S Spot Solver is specifically developed to remove hard water spots caused from mineral build-up on the fiberglass or other surfaces of your boat. Spot Solver is environmentally safe, non-abrasive solution designed for all gelcoat, glass and chrome surfaces.

We recommend using protective gloves when using Spot Solver. Spray a light mist directly on surface of the area that requires treatment. Leave for up to 1 minute and wipe with damp towel. BABE’S Spot Solver continues to work as it sets on spots. Spot Solver should not be used on surfaces other than specified. Follow with BABE’S Boat Bright for ultimate performance and protection.

In places with hard water, Spot Solver, is your best friend after cleaning your boat in the drive way. Also keep on hand (in the boat) and use after leaving the water to help stop water spots before they start. This product is truly amazing and recommended to all boaters.

BABE’S Boot Butter
Binding Lubricant
This stuff is slicker than snot! BABE’S Boot Butter is made from kelp providing the perfect consistency – thick enough to stick to the top of your binding allowing you to slip your foot in and get a snug fit without dripping away. BABE’S Boot Butter dissipates quickly and naturally with no harm to our waterways or lakes. Soap dries out your bindings and is harmful to sea life. BABE’S Boot Butter is safe for your foot, your binding and the water.

Use BABE’S Boot Butter on all board and ski bindings. Also works well if you run out of shampoo and need to clean yourself at the lake. There are a lot of boat soaps out there, many of them are quality products but time and time again people say they love Boot Butter. This is the perfect ski boot lubricant to keep in the boat for your skiers and wakeboarders. If your looking for some new boot lubricant, try some Boot Butter, you will not be disappointed.

Boatmasters.com loves this product and recommends it highly.

BABE’S Boat Bubbles
Boat Wash
BABE’S Boat Bubbles is an easy to use, high-sudsing wash concentrate. Formulated specifically for gelcoat, Boat Bubbles washes away the grime and marine build-up. It will not strip away wax or sealants. Boat Bubbles is pH balanced and 100% biodegradable. This is the perfect soap to wash your boat off with after a week at the lake.

Simply mix 1 ounce Boat Bubbles per gallon of water, wet your boat down, use a wash mitt to get the grime and dirt off. Rinse off your boat and use a Chamois to dry. After the cleaning process. Use BABE’S Boat Bright to shine your gel coat and put a layer of UV and Scratch protectant. This combination will help keep your boat looking new for years to come.

Use this product in the detailing process to help extend the life of your gelcoat and fiberglass. Accompany it with Boat Bright, Seat Soap and Seat Saver in the ultimate detailing combo.

BABE’S Odor Oust
Odor Neutralizer
BABE’S Odor Oust is designed to eliminate odors, not cover them up. The odor neutralizers in Odor Oust bind with odor molecules to remove them from the air. The light fragrance in Odor Oust leaves a fresh scent. Odor Oust dries on the surface and re-activates when it gets wet again. In addition, Odor Oust has anti-soiling properties that repel dirt on carpets and upholstery.

BABE’S Odor Oust works best when sprayed directly on or in the smelly areas. Odor Oust is not a bactericide or fungicide. Odor Oust is safe on all surfaces, 100% biodegradable, easy-to-use. Wow, fresh boat!