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About Aluminum Anodes And Some Of Their Popular Varieties

Aluminum anodes are used to protect different kinds of appliances from corrosion and erosion. Due to this excellent property of these anodes they are used in various industry sectors today and accordingly they come in different varieties. Here are a few popular variations and their detailed descriptions.

M-816029-A and M-806189-A:

Known as Mercury Alpha 1 Out Drive Short Trim in Aluminum and Mercury Alpha 1 Out Drive Short Trim in Aluminum respectively, both these varieties of aluminum anodes fit into Alpha 1 – Gen. 2. However, while installing these it is important to recognize anode locations and understand when they are ready for replacement. This is because without doubt the most common corrosion problems are associated with aluminum stern drives.

Mercury Quick Change Trim Anode Small Alpha – Aluminum (M-706189-A):

This variety of aluminum anodes has a comparatively longer life. And they require one 10/32 X 3/8 allen cap screw stainless steel for holding anode to the adapter plate. They are generally used in mercruiser Alpha Drives, in conjunction with the adaptor plate M-706188. A screw holds the anode on the adapter plate.

Adapter Plate (M-706188) Mercury Quick Change Trim Anode:

This variety is actually an accessory for aluminum anodes and is used in Alpha and bravo merc cruisers. It comes with a single stainless steel 10/32 threaded insert for attaching the anode and is quite durable and long lasting. The specially designed ridge holds the anode securely and tests prove longer life for the anodes installed.
It can be used for both aluminum and zinc anodes . This variety is user friendly as it is equipped with attaching screws, which go directly into the original anode placement holes. This model requires 2 screws to hold the adapter plate and 1 screw to hold the anode on the adapter plate.

Getting Aluminum Anodes Online:

The online destination is the best place to find quality aluminum anodes for your requirements. This is possible due to the reason that almost all known brands have their online presence, wherein you can log in and order as per your requirement. Most of these manufacturers specialize in anodes production that also includes zinc and Magnesium Anodes as well.

Wherever you buy your products from, always use aluminum anodes and you can assured that they would take care to protect all your valuables. Like zinc boats they are great for marine industry application. You can use them in many applications such as for platforms, pier and piling, tanks, offshore pipelines and also marine hulls.

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