Mar 11

Fringe Tackle – A Revolution in Soft Baits

The Fringe Tackle Company is doing some really interesting things, and have absolutely turned the soft baits market on it’s side.  Recently, the maker of these incredible hand-poured swimbait has pulled it’s entire product line from the shelves in order to create some truly realistic pieces, some would say the best on the market.

Closely resembling the natural colors of live baitfish, each piece made by Fringe Tackle Company is unique in it’s design.  The product lines only similarities are the ability to catch fish.  It’s too common to find companies that produce a wide range of outdoor and fishing products.  Fringe Tackle Company is different.  They specialize solely in creating hand-poured swimbait, and they do it extraordinarily well.  Heck, customers who’d like custom colors can even have them created.

One of the coolest features of Fringe’s products is the painstaking attention to detail.  Each bait is poured (by hand) in direct sunlight, to ensure a maximum color match.  If it looks even slightly “off,” it won’t be packaged.  Some baits can take five hours or more to create.

Last year, Fringe Tackle really started strong.  Consulting with tournament champion anglers, artists, and color experts, they’ve really been able to work outside of the box to create some truly inspiring bait.  Their four inch drop shot worms are among the most durable and long-lasting on the market today.

Their chunks and craws are absolutely stellar pieces of art.  By placing them on a jig for a trailer, your jig will seemingly transform into a craw fish in defensive stance.  If you’re looking for a lesser approach, for example when you’re getting tough bites, you can Texas rig them.  The aerodynamic body will simply glide through any vegetation, including lilly pads, and grass beds, and you WILL catch more fish.

The swimbaits come in two sizes, 4” and 5”.  The wobble, action, and strikes at this bait are really the cream of the crop.  Big fish cannot resist the slow action of the bait, which remains in the “strike zone” longer than any other products.  Dragging this bait along the bottom of your favorite lake will drive the bass wild!

With a successful 2013 under their belt, it’s going to be interesting to see what Jeff Pill comes up with for his 2014 product line.  Fringe Tackle Company is truly making an impact by creating beautiful pieces.