Feb 06

Bettencourt Baits, Rodent

The Bettencourt Baits Brown Rodent

This distinctive lure can turn some heads. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Bettencourt Rodent has been used in my angling, as well as pulling pranks on my rodent-phobic wife, both to resounding success. Nathan Bettencourt is becoming known for creating unconventional and innovative lures. Each lure is crafted by hand, and can be customized with the angler’s name, making it great for collectors as well.

The Bettencourt Rodent is easily the most realistic rodent bail that I’ve ever laid my eyes on, and gives me the creeps. Aesthetically, it looks as advertised, like a rat. The details are stunning, with special attention obviously paid to the eyes, the matting of the fur, and the leathery tail.

In our tests, the Rodent cast well using a 10lb line. My partner was able to cast this monstrosity a good distance with pretty great accuracy. The lake was relatively busy that day, so many other fishermen stopped to ask us what exactly we were casting.

Retrieving the Rodent was where this lure really shines. The lure floats while resting and can slowly be dragged across the lake’s surface. By twitching your line, you give the Rodent the appearance of struggling to stay afloat, drawing attention from bass.

We had a great day with the Rodent, as bass routinely struck the lure aggressively. Most of our hits came as the Rodent was skimming the surface or just below the water line. Bass seem to treat this lure as an easy target, struggling to stay afloat for it’s life. We did get a few strikes while diving, but the majority of our success came from surface fishing. My only issue with this lure is that it’s almost too silent. A rattle option would go a long way here.

Contrary to my expectations, the lure remained good-looking after a few uses. Other “hair” lures usually quickly become matted, lose their color, and start to fall apart. The Bettencourt Rodent held up extremely well, due to its construction. As with any hair-based lure, you’re going to want to let them dry completely before storage.

The Rodent comes at a premium, as they are individually handcrafted. This lure is designed for fishermen who are willing to spend a little extra for something outside of the box. Our testing showed that while unconventional, the Bettencourt Bait is excellent wide mouth bait, and performed excellently when targeting larger fish.