Oct 08

Shasta Lake – The Ultimate Vacation

Shasta Lake, California, is one of the greatest places on Earth for a vacation. I would know, I go multiple times a year, and I have been doing so all my life. Shasta is a very special place to me, and it will be special to you the moment you see it yourself. You may have heard of it already, or perhaps the infamous Shasta Dam, one of the largest dams in the world.

Shasta: The Dam, the Lake, and the Mountain.

Tucked away in beautiful northern California, Shasta Lake hosts a large number of Marinas including: Holiday Harbor, Bridge Bay, Silverthorn Resort, and Jones Valley Resort. The lake has the absolute cleanest water around, because it comes straight from nearby Mt. Shasta (that snowy mountain off in the distance). The dam directs the water down the Sacremento River, which supplies the entire state with clean, fresh water. All of this itself makes Lake Shasta a huge tourist attraction, but it gets way more fun once you’re settled in.

Shasta Lake resorts offer rentals on some of the greatest houseboats in the USA, including the “Titan,” in which only 3 exist, all on Shasta Lake. There are campsites spotted across the Lake, along with tourist attractions such as the Dam, ┬áthe Shasta Caverns, and the many bridges built over the water. You’ll find some of the best fishing in the state here at Shasta as well, and plenty of room for every water sport you can think of.

“Titan,” the grandest of all houseboats.