Feb 27

Top Shelf Swimbaits

Top Shelf Swimbaits are handcrafted in America under a unique and innovative process. This process is responsible for creating the bait’s extremely realistic coloring, texture and swimming action. It also ensures a high level of precision so the bait never rolls over or turns on its side. Top Shelf Swimbaits also include Owner Needle Point Hooks. Line inserts are nickel-plated, which prevents the plastic from changing color over time. The insets and the bait’s 3D eyes won’t fall out easily because they are cemented in by hand. No matter what your fishing style is – the Top Shelf Swimbait is the choice of the pros with its amazing detail, tantalizing swimming action and high quality construction.

The Magnum 5″ x 7″

The Top Shelf Magnum Series Swimbait is great because it doesn’t constantly rise to the surface when retrieved at a very high speed. This means anglers can ‘power’ fish these baits with all the benefits of a ‘line-thru’ style swimbait. This unique design allows the bait to slide up the line when fighting a fish, ensuring a better catch ratio and protecting your bait.

The Schooling Minnow

The Top Shelf Schooling Minnow Soft Jerkbait features a natural baitfish profile and thin tapered tail. Fish it weightless or with a weighted hook and it will glide and swoop throught the water column like a fleeing bait fish. Featuring the action and colors the pro’s wanted, the Top Shelf Schooling Minnow Soft Jerkbait is used by the likes of Bassmaster Elite Series pro’s Gerald Swindle and Chris Zaldain.

The Perfect Minnow 4″ X 6″

The Top Shelf Perfect Minnow Hollow Belly Swimbaits feature the colors and actions the pro’s wanted. In fact,  they’re  used by the likes of Bassmaster Elite Series pro’s Gerald Swindle and Chris Zaldain. This bait comes in a range of neat colors, and range in size from 4″ to 6″.

The Croaker

The Top Shelf Croaker is the best bait on the market. It has a special belly that allows it to jump right up on plain like a bass boat, and doesn’t roll on its side either. It always runs straight, and it also produces a gurgle sound that big bass can’t resist. The bait features a specially designed hook slot for sure hook-ups on every blow up as well. Offering the best quality, the Top Shelf Croakers also feature 3D eyes and are available in a range of colors.  Top Shelf Baits are key tournament baits for Elite Series pros. Rig the Top Shelf Croaker on braid, and a 5/0 screw lock wide gap hook,or EWG – and have some fun.

To order your own set of Top Shelf Swimbaits, head on over to Boatmasters.com and check out the fishing tackle Section.