Nov 21

Skeeter i-class 22i Fishing boat

Skeeter is famous for fishing boats, and the slick 22i is certainly that – a full-blown bassboat with amenities to satisfy any angler – but I think it’s more: With its sexy styling, blazing speed and ample deck space, the 21′ 8″ (6.6 m) Skeeter 22i should be a fun boat even for folks who never wet a line – people like wives, girlfriends and kids. Bolt the maximum recommended horsepower to the 22i’s transom and the Skeeter will scoot across the lake fast enough to satisfy almost any speed freak. Stock her iceboxes with food and her live wells with drinks and you can carry enough for an all-day picnic for the whole family. Lay out a couple of beach towels and her foredeck becomes a sun pad for the ladies, leaving enough room aft of the console for Dad and Junior to flip lures. Her 50 gallons (189 L) of gas will last all day if you don’t lean too hard or too long on the throttle; when it’s time to head home, load her onto the trailier (one comes with the 22i) and haul her back home.

Length on Trailer 28′
Length on Trailer (with Swing-Away Tongue) 25’7″
Width on Trailer 100″
Length Overall 21’8″
Beam 94″
Shaft Length 20″
Height Overall on Trailer 76″
Interior Depth 21″
Draft 16″
Dry Weight 1,980 lbs.
Max H.P. 300
Maximum Weight 1,484 lbs.
Maximum Persons 5 / 700 lbs.
Fuel Capacity 50 gals.

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