May 16


www.bonzisports.com BONZI’ SPORTS 60″ SKATER CAT – TEST. Twin stock Zenoah G260PUM counter rotation engines, stock props. Very stable and very fast. Remote controlled skater cat boat.

Bob and Angelo and nephew Timmy heading out and cranking in the catamaran ,24′ skater speed boat.just hear those motors spinning please leave comments below maximum respect, bobby mobile great boat cruise escape marine yacht water sail islands ships carnival seas royal ocean port bay navy speedboat fast crash Caribbean under pirate pacific deep long island NY harbor drama total action ferry Atlantic gas twins marina uss sinking bahamas race “ocean park” boats fire “extreme driving” “motor sports” “extreme sports” burn cruiser burning racing summer south shore lake row boat water “high speed” engine cars vehicle jet howto mod SKATER SPEEDBOAT JETBOAT NEW YORK SOUTH SHORE BAY OCEAN FLATS WATER TIDE CRAZY SCARY FAST custom front wake OUTBOARD MERCURY MERC 2.5 CAT CATAMARN ski 1wmv tahoe ford