Feb 25

Bass Cat’s 2014 Cougar FTD

Back again, with a new model for 2014, Bass Cat has made some great strides towards improving the popular 2013 Cougar model.

When we got this baby out onto the lake, we were impressed.  The 20” hull provides an extremely solid and stable ride, with precision handling… it almost feels as if it’s running on rails.  Do not let the weight fool you, though… this is a really fast top-end boat.  You’ll find yourself trying to push the limits within a few hours of using it.

In addition to it’s speed, the Bass Cat Cougar FTD is laid out wonderfully for both professional and weekend anglers, with plenty of storage for bait, rods, lures, supplies, and other equipment to help you have a great weekend on the lake.

Aesthetically, the 2014 Cougar comes equipped with an new hull design, featuring a rounded bolt, striping graphics located both on the boat’s nose and rear caps (optional).  The new features a triangular shaped livewell design that boasts a significant amount of storage for whatever you may catch, adding ten gallons to previous years models.    The livewell is designed so that the water isn’t running back and forth over the fish, but keeping them comfortable inside.

The storage on this boast cannot be understated.  There is significant room for all of your rods, baits, and tackle.

The deck is laid out to provide storage options from the console to the bow with six separate compartments.  Plenty of storage can also be found underneath the European-themed bucket seats.  A convenient ice chest can be found in the middle of the seating arrangement, so you and your buddies can enjoy a nice cold beverage after a day on the lake.

The 2014 Cougar FTD features a more modular design with respects to it’s console, and the new design can easily handle accessories such as the Lawrence HDS10 or the Hummingbird 1199, something we found incredibly convenient.  All of your additional gauges are right on the dash.
Standard Specifications:

–    Length: 20’4”
–    Length of Minimum Storing: 25’6”
–    With Swing Away Tongue; 23’0”
–    Beam – 94”
–    Weight Estimate: 1765 pounds.
–    Fuel Storage: 52 Gal (Two 26 gallon tanks)
–    Maximum H.P. Spectrum: 200-300.

The 2014 Bass Cat Cougar FTD is a top of the line boat, and designed for those who intend to spend long days dropping their rods into the lake, or families and friends who just want to get out on the water for a few hours.