Jan 28

Bass Cat Bass Boats – Puma FTD

Length 20’4″
Min. Storage Length 25’6″
With Swing Away Tongue 23’0″
Beam 94″
Approx. Wt. 1825 lb.
Fuel Capacity 52 Gal.
Max. H.P. Range 200-300

The all new Bass Cat Puma FTD is “bad” according to the builder who says that they “simply took the front half of the Puma and married it to the back half of the Cougar FTD.” The company says this boat is “quicker and more stable, and provides a softer ride.” The deck layout provides storage from the bow to the console with seven compartments, including a place for your net and measuring board. Plus, two more compartments under the seats, and two more on the back deck. A new modular console provides space for a built-in LCR, along with a host of monitoring gauges. Enjoy cool lighted handrails and pop up mooring cleats at your fingertips for securing this baby at the dock. Innovations? What about a built-in bow navigational light? It’s not only cool, but, very practical. Seat pedestal storage, a stainless screw in drain plug and Southco Latches make life on the water just a little better. The Puma FTD is a truly world class fishing machine. Ride, handling, and FISHABILITY really come together on this boat. That’s nothing new for Bass Cat, of course, but the Puma FTD is an awesome example of a strong blend of performance and fishability that will totally blow you away if you’ve spent much time fishing out of another boat brand. For more information on how you can order your Puma FTD Bass Cat, please contact Boatmasters for order information.