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Bass Boat

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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (May 2008)Standard aluminum bass boat, with trolling motorCenter console aluminum bass boatA bass boat is a small boat that is designed and equipped primarily for bass fishing or fishing for other panfish, usually in freshwater such as lakes, rivers and streams. The modern bass boat features swivel chairs that permit the angler to cast to any position around the boat, storage bins for fishing tackle and equipment such as rods and lures, and a live well with recirculating water where caught fish may be stored and kept alive.Bass boats are usually propelled by two means: an outboard motor, which moves the boat swiftly from place to place; and a trolling motor, which moves the boat at a slow pace through an area where the angler is fishing. Should those motors fail, bas boats are small enough to be propelled by oars in an emergency.Bass boats are typically either constructed of aluminum or fiberglass. The aluminum boats are lighter and typically smaller in size and less expensive than the fiberglass versions. The fiberglass renditions, however, offer more space, better handling, and the ability to house larger outboard motors.The developer of the modern bass boat is widely considered to be Skeeter Fishing Boats, a company now owned by Yamaha. In 1948 Holmes Thurmond designed and launched the first Skeeter boat. By no means was it the last “first” for Skeeter. In 1961, he built the first bass boat from fiberglass, a huge leap forward in performance and durability. Other well-known bass boat manufacturers include Ranger, Nitro, Tracker, Triton, Stratos, and Bass Cat.An older usage of the term ass boat refers to a type of sport fishing boat once popular for fishing for striped bass off the Atlantic coast of the United States. These bass boats were about 25 feet long and featured a hull form similar to a New England lobster boat with a sharp entry, rounded bilges, and relatively little deadrise at the stern. They were powered with inboard engines and had a top speed of about 20 knots. The typical deck configuration featured a long cockpit with a windshield at the forward end and a cuddy cabin in the bow. Examples still in production include the Fortier 26 and the Dyer 29. Some outboard-powered sport fishing boats emulate bass boat styling including the Steiger Craft Block Islands and the Parker 2310 and 2510; however, these boats have a more sharply Vd hull form and are designed for higher speeds. See alsoLargemouth bassAngling External linksBass Boat Magazine ReferencesThis fishing-related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v  d  ev  d  eFishing vesselsCommercialCommercial fishing boats  Trawlers  Seiners  Drifters  Longliners  Factory ships  Fishing fleet  Research vessels  Whalers  Whaling ships  British ships  Japanese ships  Deadliest CatchTraditionalTraditional fishing boats  Bokkura  Caque  Cape Islander  Chasse-mare  Coble  Coracle  Couta  Currach  Dogger  Dhoni  Dugout  Felucca  Fifie  Friendship sloop  Galway hooker  Herring buss  Jangada  Jukung  Kolae  Lugger  Luzzu  Mackinaw  Monterey clipper  Nobby  Pirogue  Sea of Galilee boat  Sampan  Sgoth  Sixareen  Smack  Yawl  YoalDoriesBanks  Cape Ann  Gloucester  McKenzie River  SwampscottOyster boatsBugeye  Deadrise  Log canoe  Pungy  Schooners  Sharpie  SkipjackRecreationalBass boat  Farleyv  d  eFisheries and fishing topic areasFisheriesFisheries science  Wild fisheries  Oceanic habitats  Fish farming  Aquaculture  Fish diversity  Fish diseases  Fisheries management  Fishing quota  SustainabilityFishingFisherman  Artisan fishing  Fishing villages  Fishing vessels  Fishing historyIndustryCommercial fishing  Processing  Products  Seafood  Marketing  MarketsRecreationalAngling  Game fishing  Fly fishing  Catch and releaseTechniquesGathering  Spearfishing  Line fishing  Netting  Trawling  Trapping  OtherTackleHook  Line  Sinker  Rod  Bait  Lures  Artificial flies  Bite alarmsLocationsFishing by country  Fishing villages  Fishing banks  Fish pondsList of articles by topic areas  Alphabetical list of articles  Fisheries glossary Categories: Fishing stubs | Fishing vesselsHidden categories: Articles lacking sources from May 2008 | All articles lacking sources

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